Litmis Spaces is your inexpensive IBM i in the cloud.

It's Yours!

Machines aren’t shared, it’s yours; 100% of it. QSECOFR authority. Unlimited IBM i profiles. Use it for commercial or personal purposes!

Competitive Pricing

Pay for what you use. That’s how the world works, and so do we. IBM i machines start at $157/month and grow to as big as you need. Month-to-month commitment, no minimum. No setup fee.

IBM Support Included

IBM Support (a.k.a. SWMA) is included. This means you get access to all licensed program updates and even call IBM if necessary.


Power 2N, HVAC 2N, SOC 2 compliant, Connected on dual and diverse pathways, Facility systems monitored 24x7 with automated alerts, Security: Fully alarmed and monitored, Security cameras throughout facility, Dual perimeter fences, Customer access limited to pre-registered personnel, Computer room secured by keycard with monitoring.

Pre-installed Software

We've prepackaged a number of valueable licensed programs from IBM including the ILE compilers, IBM Backup Recovery and Media Services for i (BRMS), IBM HTTP Server for i, IBM Developer Kit for Java, IBM i Open Source Solutions(5733OPS), IBM Performance Tools for i, IBM Query for i, IBM Portable Utilities for i, DB2 Query Mgr and SQL DevKit.

System Maintenance

You're free to install your own PTFs or hire us to do it for you.


vCloud Director firewall from VMWare (basic firewall features like port blocking, allowed IP addresses, etc). Optional VPN also available.

What Can I Use It For?

Host Websites

Use any of the languages on IBM i to host a web site. Node.js, RPG, Ruby, PHP, Java, Python, Scala; the list goes on. One static IP included. You could even use this as your DMZ server that connects to your back office IBM i. Lots of creative ideas.

Develop Software

Need a development server long or short term? Develop for commercial or learning purposes. Share the machine or keep it to yourself; the freedom is yours. ILE compilers are included. Node.js, Python, and Git are pre-installed.

Move Production To Cloud

Yes, real-world businesses are moving their on-premise production processes to our cloud machines.

Review New IBM i Release

With the month-to-month commitment reality it makes spinning up a new instance of the latest IBM i a no brainer.

Test Your Software

Are you a software vendor? Spin up an IBM i in the cloud for each of the versions of the OS you need to test against.

Extension of On-Premise

We've had some customers use it to engage consultants when they didn't want to make their on-premise machine available to the consultants.

Configure a system right now!

Configure Your IBM i

Configure your machine, click Next, pay with your credit card, and we'll communicate with you via email concerning when your machine will be ready.

Do you need VPN or additional services? We've got them, they just aren't built into this simple pricing page. Email to start a conversation about your needs.

CPW $ per CPW


RAM $ per GB


Disk ($ per GB)


IBM i OS Version

Virtual Tape Library (VTL) Backups


No backup options selected.
Description:Works well for partitions that do not use much data space.
Base: $53/mo for first 250GB
Additional:$45/mo for each additional 250GB.
Description:This plan is used when space is needed for more robust backup and recovery options such as 4 weekly, 12 monthly, and 7 yearly archive plans.
Base:$150/mo for the first 500GB
Additional:$67.50/mo for each additional 1TB.

Cumulative PTF Installtion


No PTF option selected.
Description:We will install Cumulative PTFs once a year.
Description:We will install Cumulative PTFs twice a year (every six months).
Description:We will install Cumulative PTFs four times a year (every three months).

Total per month $

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