Litmis Spaces Multi Tenant simplifies access to IBM i for open source learning and application development.

Spinning up a new IBM i environment should be dead simple. Yet, getting access to IBM i is only half the battle. In order to embrace open source development processes, environments need to be easily installed and configured. Enter Litmis Spaces Multi Tenant. Create your own space by selecting your open source technology of choice - preconfigured from start to finish in only a few clicks of the mouse.

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A new way to develop on IBM i

How are Litmis Spaces used?

Litmis Spaces will initially be used as a free platform to enable open source learning and development. Try creating your own space - and begin coding after a few clicks of the mouse.

Develop and host a proof-of-concept app all within Litmis Spaces.**
Learn a language like Ruby, Node.js, Python, etc in an IBM i environment.
Use in a classroom setting for individual student spaces.
Test a newer runtime version without upgrading your existing machine (i.e. Node v0.10.25 to v0.10.35)
Port existing open source projects to IBM i.
Use for open source unit testing where you spin up an instance for only a few minutes and then throw it away.(think Travis CI)

** Please avoid using sensitive information (i.e. authentication tokens to credit card providers) on Litmis Spaces Multi Tenant. With that said, feel free to use Litmis Spaces Multi Tenant for commercial purposes. If you need a dedicated server please check out our Litmis Spaces Single Tenant offering.
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Hosted, so you don't have to.


Lots of reasons! Here are a few...

It Saves You Time!

It saves you time!

  • Everything is done within the browser, on the server (no multi-day setup to be done on individual developer laptops).
  • Preconfigured with entire stack (i.e. Ruby on Rails). Avoid spending days figuring out how to setup your environments before writing a single line of code.
  • Provision new spaces in seconds
  • Decrease internal labor cost associated with system administration
  • Obtain on-demand access to open source cloud engineers who are able to serve as an extension of your internal development staff
  • Develop with the same platform runtime as used in production and avoid unexpected deployment issues

Visual Git

  Browser-based Code Editor

Get at your code in simple fashion. Multi-tab, syntax coloring, file search - all the editor-on-steroids you'd expect. Oh, and it's FAST!

Visual Git

  Visual Git

Git comes pre-installed in all environments so you’re ready to connect to public or private repositories.

Browser-based shell

  Shells in the browser, OH MY!

One good turn deserves another. If you can edit code via the browser, then why not a browser-based shell?

We've written a custom browser-based shell using Javascript and Node.js to make access simple. Or, use your favorite client app like Terminal on Mac or Putty on Windows. All authentication is done via SSH keys which can be uploaded to Litmis Spaces via the browser application.

Spaces Flavors

  Prepackaged Spaces

Spaces are prepackaged and configured so you don’t have to. Start with a particular stack (Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Python etc) which includes all necessary supporting components a developer needs (like Git).

Changing the IBM i landscape, forever.

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We love IBM i. We love open source. Now access to both is easier. We have a lot of irons in the fire so
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