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Krengel Tech is now offering IBM i hosting in the cloud through our Litmis brand.

Here you find Litmis Spaces Single Tenant where you can fine tune and order your IBM i instance to your exact specifications.

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  1. Select below settings for your IBM i configuration.
  2. Click 'Next' and you will be directed to a payment page.
  3. After submitting payment KrengelTech's Litmis team will be notified and start creating your hosted IBM i instance.
  4. You will then receive an email to gain access to your shiny new IBM i in the cloud!
  • No setup fee.
  • Use for any purpose including commercial.
  • Month-to-month, no minimum.
  • IBM maintenance contract included.
  • You're in charge of administration duties (i.e. PTF installation)
  • One static public IP Address.
  • Unlimited IBM i profiles
  • Software: ILE compilers, BRMS, PASE, 5733OPS, and more**(see full list below)
  • vCloud Director firewall from VMWare (basic firewall features like port blocking, allowed IP addresses, etc). Does not have VPN.
  • Power – 2N
  • HVAC – 2N
  • SOC 2 compliant
  • Network – Connected on dual and diverse pathways
  • Facility systems monitored 24x7 with automated alerts
  • Security: Fully alarmed and monitored, Security cameras throughout facility, Dual perimeter fences, Customer access limited to pre-registered personnel, Computer room secured by keycard with monitoring
        5770SS1 Library QGPL
        5770SS1 Library QUSRSYS
        5770SS1 *BASE IBM i
        5770SS1 1 Extended Base Support
        5770SS1 2 Online Information
        5770SS1 3 Extended Base Directory Support
        5770SS1 7 Example Tools Library
        5770SS1 8 AFP Compatibility Fonts
        5770SS1 9 *PRV CL Compiler Support
        5770SS1 12 Host Servers
        5770SS1 13 System Openness Includes
        5770SS1 18 Media and Storage Extensions
        5770SS1 30 Qshell
        5770SS1 31 Domain Name System
        5770SS1 33 Portable App Solutions Environment
        5770SS1 34 Digital Certificate Manager
        5770SS1 36 PSF for IBM i 1-55 IPM Printer Support
        5770SS1 37 PSF for IBM i 1-100 IPM Printer Support
        5770SS1 38 PSF for IBM i Any Speed Printer Support
        5770AF1 *BASE IBM Advanced Function Printing Utilities
        5770BR1 *BASE IBM Backup, Recovery and Media Services for i
        5770BR1 1 BRMS – Network Feature
        5770BR1 2 BRMS – Advanced Feature
        5761CM1 *BASE IBM Communications Utilities for System i
        5770DG1 *BASE IBM HTTP Server for i
        5722IP1 *BASE IBM Infoprint Server for iSeries
        5770JV1 *BASE IBM Developer Kit for Java
        5770JV1 11 Java SE 6 32 bit
        5770JV1 12 Java SE 6 64 bit
        5770JV1 14 Java SE 7 32 bit
        5770JV1 15 Java SE 7 64 bit
        5770JV1 16 Java SE 8 32 bit
        5770JV1 17 Java SE 8 64 bit
        5770NAE *BASE IBM Network Authentication Enablement for i
        5733OPS *BASE IBM i Open Source Solutions
        5733OPS 1 IBM i Open Source Solutions Option 1
        5733OPS 2 IBM i Open Source Solutions Option 2
        5733OPS 3 IBM i Open Source Solutions Option 3
        5733OPS 4 IBM i Open Source Solutions Option 4
        5733OPS 5 IBM i Open Source Solutions Option 5
        5733OPS 6 IBM i Open Source Solutions Option 6
        5733OPS 7 IBM i Open Source Solutions Option 7
        5733OPS 8 IBM i Open Source Solutions Option 8
        5733OPS 9 IBM i Open Source Solutions Option 9
        5733OPS 10 IBM i Open Source Solutions Option 10
        5733OPS 11 IBM i Open Source Solutions Option 11
        5733OPS 12 IBM i Open Source Solutions Option 12
        5733OPS 13 IBM i Open Source Solutions Option 13
        5733OPS 14 IBM i Open Source Solutions Option 14
        5733OPS 15 IBM i Open Source Solutions Option 15
        5770PT1 *BASE IBM Performance Tools for i
        5770PT1 1 Performance Tools – Manager Feature
        5770PT1 2 Performance Tools – Agent Feature
        5770PT1 3 Performance Tools – Job Watcher
        5770QU1 *BASE IBM Query for i
        5733SC1 *BASE IBM Portable Utilities for i
        5733SC1 1 OpenSSH, OpenSSL, zlib
        5770ST1 *BASE DB2 Query Mgr and SQL DevKit
        5770TC1 *BASE IBM TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities for i
        5770TS1 *BASE IBM Transform Services for i
        5770TS1 1 Transforms – AFP to PDF Transform
        5770UME *BASE IBM Universal Manageability Enablement for i
        5770WDS *BASE IBM Rational Development Studio for i
        5770WDS 21 Application Development ToolSet
        5770WDS 31 ILE RPG
        5770WDS 34 RPG/400
        5770WDS 35 ILE RPG *PRV Compiler
        5770WDS 41 ILE COBOL
        5770WDS 51 ILE C
        5770WDS 52 ILE C++
        5770XE1 *BASE IBM i Access for Windows
        5770XH2 *BASE IBM i Access for Web
        5770XW1 *BASE IBM i Access Family
        5770XW1 1 IBM i Access Enablement Support

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